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The Spoiler
Last Days of Il Duce

The Last Days of Il Duce

Finalist for both the Edgar Award and the Hammett Prize

"Stansberry has done it again with  this tale of doomed lovers in San Francisco's North Beach....  Straight noir, no chaser.”   Booklist

Manifesto for the Dead

Manifesto for the Dead

A fictional retelling of  the last days of legendary pulp novelist Jim Thompson.  A noirish blend of biography, fiction, suspense and satire.

“Fascinating, beautifully written—an enviable achievement.”  San Francisco Chronicle

“Stansberry’s prose is an eerie echo of a dead man’s style…  And his insights into a writer’s anxiety about losing his identity to his characters would make Thompson’s own skin crawl.” New York Times

“Positively hallucinatory.”   LA Weekly

Exit Paradise: Stories

A collection of Stansberry's early stories.  Published by Lynx Houe Press, cover by Hawley Hussey.

"This is a fine book and all the stories are moving and absorbing.....  "The Truth About Our Atomic Shelter" is a terrifying and funny view of the panic in a small neighborhood brought on when one family digs and buries a bomb shelter in preparation for the big one. "

Amazon Reviewer, Stefanie Freele

Big Boom
Ancient Rain
Naked Moon

The Spoiler

Stansberry's first novel, an Edgar Finalist, praised 15 years later by Publisher's Weekly as a classic in the  genre.

"In the tradition of Graham Greene, ... a moving chronicle of humanity, disquietlingly black and totallly absorbing."                                                                 Los Angeles Times

"A sensitive writer and observer... Stansberry knows his baseball and is obviously in love with the game."   New York Times


Exit Paradise


Edgar Award Winner about forensic  psyschologist accused of strangling his mistress.

"A masterful novel by a (heretofore) underappreciated master of the genre. Very highly recommended."

"A neo-classic among pulp fiction fans."

January Magazine

Compelling…. Fascinating… Industrial strength neo-noir.” Publishers Weekly


The second Dante Mancuso....

"Takes a seemingly soulless contemporary phenomenon--dot-com speculation--and gives it the same chilling, metaphorical resonance that the postwar noir masters gave to a darkened city street or a tilted Venetian blind. " BOOKLIST(starred review)


A fellow investigator is locked away for murder and the ghosts of the Symbionese Liberation Army haunt the streets of San Francisco in  this Kafkaesque crime drama.   Shamus Award Finalist.

"This brilliantly imagined version of real events packs an emotional wallop genre fiction rarely delivers."

Kirkus  (starred review)


“What could be better news than the start of a new series by Domenic Stansberry—the dark poet of San Francisco crime… historically and sociologically fascinating in its look at the Italian community of that California city.”

Chicago Tribune

"A gripping novel... incendiary.... this gritty, noirish exercise in murder and drugs feels uncomfortably like the real thing"

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)


From Booklist (starred review)

We’ve said it all along: whereas others play at noir, Stansberry delivers the real thing. That was true with the marvelous Ancient Rain (2008), and it’s even more true with this latest entry in the Dante Mancuso series. This time the San Francisco P.I.’s shady past (working for a clandestine government security outfit called the Company) comes back to haunt him. .......Think of the end of For Whom the Bell Tolls—Robert Jordan with a Gatling gun between his legs and the Fascists coming up the mountain en masse—and you’ll have some idea of just how dark the world looks to Dante’s shrouded eyes (and, unlike Jordan, Dante harbors no illusions about honor). As always, Stansberry combines his unrelenting noir world view with remarkably lyrical prose. You want a similar title? Try Mozart’s Requiem. -BILL OTT In BOOKLIST